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Ways to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

If a person spent a dollar for every time he said that he will find ways to quit smoking cigarettes, then he would have probably earned enough to buy a new cellular phone. Kidding aside, smoking has already grown from being a bad habit into an addiction. A significant number of people rely on smoking for many reasons, and they stick to their routine despite knowing that cigarettes actually kill them slowly. Over the years, there have been many campaigns that aim to effectively convince people to stop and find effective ways to quit smoking cigarettes.

Some stories are successful while most result to failure and relapse. Therefore as expected, the cases of deaths and chronic diseases continue to increase nowadays. Coupled with sedentary lifestyles and poor nutrition, people turn out living unhealthy lives. Over time, more and more people get addicted to coffee. And usually is it too late when they decide to quit for real. Many consider quitting a tough decision.

However, it is actually one that can save your life. And it can also save the people around you. Over the years, there have been numerous campaigns and information drives about quitting. However, here are some of the ways to quit smoking cigarettes – for good!

There Are Two Ways to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

The first one is the gradual decrease of smoking over time. This means that as time goes on, you smoke one less cigarette each day. Over time, you begin to smoke less and less until you have no more to smoke. This may seem effective but actually, it is not. First, the process or gradually stopping implies that you will still continue to smoke for a period of time. Therefore, you are still exposed to as much risks as you will still be getting the bad effects of the cigarette since technically, you have not stopped at all. Second, this method is more prone to relapse. Since you will have the mentality that you will be smoking less each day, it is easier for you to give in to temptation because you may think that you can do better the following day.

The second and more effective ways to quit smoking cigarettes is called the “cold turkey”. This method involves the sudden stopping of smoking. It is true that it will require more effort since it is harder to stop at once. However, there are less chances of relapse when quitting is performed this way. Furthermore, you begin to reap the rewards of quitting immediately. In fact, studies have shown that people who quit smoking experience better blood flow and lung activity within minutes of now taking cigarettes. Therefore, stopping right now will truly help you and your body.

Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Other Ways to Quit Smoking Cigarettes:

Make It a Group Decision

One of the most effective ways to quit smoking cigarettes is to make it a group decision. Most of the time, a person will have smoking buddies. These are the people that he would chat or spend quality time with while smoking cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is not only a habit for some people as it is also a method of socializing. Similar to drinking alcohol, cigarette smoking is another way to fit in. Furthermore, there are many people who smoke when they spend time with a specific group of people such as their families and friends.

Therefore, one on the effective ways to quit smoking cigarettes is by quitting as a group. This is more effective because each one can monitor the performance of each member of the group. Usually, when only one member of the group quits, he or she ends up smoking again when spending time with the group. However, if everyone quits, the group is able to stick to the decision and help each other become healthier people.

Find an Alternative Activity

Many people rely on cigarettes when they are tensed or stressed. A lot of people actually smoke only when they are anxious or angry. While it may seem like an effective activity to release some steam, bear in mind that the negative effects of cigarette remain no matter what the reason for smoking may be. Therefore, these emotions should not be a reason to stick to the habit. There are other methods of dealing with these emotions and finding them is one of the most effective ways to quit smoking cigarettes.

There are many ways on how to answer one’s problems without smoking. In fact, stress may be answered by a wide range of activities. One of these is yoga and other relaxing activities. Simple breathing exercises would even do. So the next time you feel stressed and are tempted to smoke, just stop and breathe. These should be enough to keep you calm.

Many people think that smoking can make them feel better. However, it you look at it thoroughly, smoking actually does nothing to keep you calm. Instead, it continues to disrupt your system.

Come Up with a Plan

Like every other decision, deciding to quit smoking cigarettes requires a plan. It does not need to be tedious or made by a professional. It should simply involve your personal decision and preference. It must also involve your personal choices when choosing which of the ways to quit smoking cigarettes you will adopt.

Decide Now

The most important among the ways to quit smoking cigarettes is to decide now. Everything will stem from this decision as it will allow you to commence the process. The decision will be starting point of your journey back to healthy living. There is no point in prolonging or waiving the decision. Smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. There should be no bargaining because the only goal that you should have in mind is a healthier body and life.

There are no definite ways to quit smoking cigarettes because every person is unique. Therefore, every person will also have a different approach when it comes to quitting. You are free to have it your own way as long as you get right back on the track to having a healthy life. Quit now and you can still gain your healthy body back.