Electronic Cigarettes

The Electronic Cigar – More Luxury, More Convenience, More Style

The electronic cigarette revolution has come — are you part of it yet? If you’re not, chances are good that you have your reasons. For example, you might be one of the people that really like to smoke a good cigar. There’s something nice and sophisticated about the practice, but did you know that they actually make e-cigars just like they make e-cigarettes?

Like its electronic cigarette counterpart, the e-cigar works through being a vaporizer, atomizing particles of nicotine that can be inhaled into the lungs. Yes, there is nicotine in an e-cigar, which means that if you’re trying to quit, you may or may not add this into your plans. However, if you just want the benefits and joys of smoking a cigar without having to deal with the smoke, you really might think about going electronic with it.

Your best bet is to go online to get a nice e-cigar starting kit. This is going to give you the vaporizer cartridges and the atomizer, giving you a full experience. Now, it’s going to be a bit more expensive to go with a starter kit, but this is where the long term savings really kicks in. If you buy everything piece and piece, you’ll spend a lot more money in the long run.

How many drags can you get from one cartridge? It depends. Some people get e-cigars that are disposable, and they last for about 30-40 cigars — almost 2,000 puffs. Now that’s a lot! If you really broke down the costs, you would really see the difference between what you’re getting and what you usually get with regular cigars.

If you’re looking for e-cigars, make sure that you get one that has cartridges that contain a fresh atomizer. This will help you get a fresh and great tasting vapor that really can be inhaled and savored. When you choose to smoke a cigar, you’re smoking for pleasure — that can’t be argued. So when you go electronic with your cigars, you should be able to have that same level of pleasure. Keep this in mind when you look for the best electronic cigar for your needs.

If you’re someone that’s on the go a lot, you might want to go with a set of disposable cigars rather than the ones that have to be recharged over and over again.

If you’re still not sure where to get a good electronic cigar, keep in mind that the electronic cigar and cigarette community is very vocal about their new “hobby”. They’d be more than happy to steer you towards an e-cigar brand that makes sense for your needs and also for your pleasure — what could be better than that? Get started today!