Stop Smoking

The Cost of Quitting Smoking

Many people can find it really hard to get motivated to give up smoking. However, there is  great way to give yourself a lot of motivation. If you calculate how much money you will save. It may not seem like a good way but you need to take it further than a simple calculation.

Firstly work out how much you will save a day by thinking about how many cigarettes you smoke each day and how much each one costs. You can work out how much each one costs by dividing the amount of cigarettes there are in the packets you buy by the cost of the packet. Then think about what you could buy with that money. It may not seem very much. However, then work out how much that works out in a week and what you could buy with that money. Then do the same for a month and then a year. You may find that in a year you have saved enough money to take your family on holiday.

You may decide that you want to use that money to buy yourself a treat to reward yourself for giving up. This could be a massive motivator, especially if you wait for a whole year and use that money for something really good. Even if you think that money does not motivate you, you may find that thinking about what you can spend that money on will really help to motivate you.

You may find that it could help to get you out of debt, perhaps buy you some new clothes, buy some nice things for your house, family or a holiday. These things could make a big difference to your life and so by just giving up smoking you could get so many more lovely things.

Write down what you would like to achieve from the money you have saved. This might be to save up for something big, buy yourself a weekly treat or even something daily. You might want to pay off debts or buy gifts for others. Whatever it is, if you write it down, it will give you a constant reminder of what you want to achieve and this should help to motivate you.