Stop Smoking

Social Smoking

Sometimes it can feel really cool if you smoke, especially if all your friends do. If you decide to quite they may not like it and try to get you to smoke again and this can make it very hard to stop.

It is worth thinking about why they do not want you to quit. It is likely that they would like to quite as well but just do not have the will power to do so. They do not like the fact that they are weak and they cannot do what you are trying to do. They therefore try to make you weak as well to make them feel better.

This means that you may have to decide whether to hang around with them any more. If you are really serious about quitting smoking then you need to think about the temptations that will be put in your way and how to avoid them. If you want to give up for health reasons, then hanging around with other people that smoke may defeat the object anyway because you will still be breathing in the smoke that they are producing when they are smoking.

Breaking a friendship t give up smoking may be a sacrifice that you are not prepared to make. Therefore it could be a good idea to try to get them to quit with you. You will be able to support each other and help each other. This will strengthen you both and help you both to achieve your goals together. Talk together about it and the reasons that you want to stop smoking and then work together reminding each other of the reasons that you wanted to give up.

It could work really well for the both of you and it could mean that you are both successful when you give up. It is something that is well worth thinking about because it could actually make quitting easier for you both and it could even make you feel great about yourself because eyou have not only managed to give up smoking yourself but you have helped your friend do the same thing as well.