How to Avoid Gaining Weight When You Quit Smoking

It’s a common problem. Millions of people gain weight when they quit smoking and then find it hard to get it off. Usually, it’s not a large amount, but enough to make you stand up and take notice, especially when you are struggling to fit into those jeans that once fit perfectly. If you are […]

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UK Government Changes Rules on Selling Tobacco

The UK government have decided to come in line with many other European countries and change the way that tobacco is sold. By next year, large retailers will only be allowed to store tobacco products under the counter so no one can see what brands are available or be tempted to buy them because of […]

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Quit Smoking

Many people try to quit smoking. In fact many people who are currently smoking would really like to give up. It can be a very difficult thing to do because it is an addiction. However, there are a lot of people who have successfully done it and they could have a lot of help to […]

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Will Today Be the Day You Commit to Stop Smoking?

It’s a good day to quit smoking, but you might feel like you can never quit smoking. If you’ve been practicing this habit for a long time, you might feel that it’s impossible to quit smoking. The chains of addiction can get pretty strong, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t break them. It’s just […]

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Nicotine Replacement

Many people use nicotine replacement products as a way of helping them to quit smoking. These can be an extremely valuable aid and have helped many people. In fact in the UK people have twice as much of a chance of being successful when giving up if they use this sort of thing. Most people […]