Stop Smoking

Nicotine Replacement

Many people use nicotine replacement products as a way of helping them to quit smoking. These can be an extremely valuable aid and have helped many people. In fact in the UK people have twice as much of a chance of being successful when giving up if they use this sort of thing. Most people should be able to safely use these products, but it is a good idea to see your doctor before you start to use them. They will give you a quick health check as if you are taking certain medications, have heart problems or are pregnant then you may not be able to use them. You may also be able to get the products on prescription which could save you a lot of money, than buying them over the counter or off the shelf.

There are many different types of nicotine replacements. You can chew gum which releases the nicotine and it is absorbed in through the mouth. You can wear patches which release the nicotine in to the skin. There are two types, one that you wear all of the time and one that you wear just in the day as many people do not need the nicotine at night and actually find that it keeps them awake. The patches come in different strengths and you can slowly reduce the strengths to help to wean your body off the nicotine. You can take lozenges or microtabs, which are like sweets and are an alternative for those people who do not like chewing gum. An inhalator looks like a plastic cigarette and releases nicotine vapour. There is also a nasal spray which releases the nicotine straight in to the sensitive lining of the nose.

There are also several pills that you can take. Zyban works by changing the way the body responds to nicotine. You take it a few weeks before you quit and then for a few months afterwards. Champix reduces cravings and is taken a few weeks before you stop and then for a further 10 weeks or so. Both pills are only available on prescription after a consultation with a doctor.