Stop Smoking

Let the smoking cost calculator add another reason to quit smoking

Know about smoking cost calculator: “Smoking is injurious to health” – is a common and pretty famous phrase but if you consider the issue from a different angle, you may form a different option that smoking is also ‘injurious’ for your yearly budget. If a regular smoker is asked about the possible health complications he/she may develop in the long run, he/she can give you a long list. Interestingly, most of them don’t keep a track of how much they spend per year to satisfy their addiction. Use the smoking cost calculator to find out an estimated figure and you will be surprised how better your life could have been, had you spent the same money more constructively. It also keeps a check on how much cigarette you are smoking per day. Get complete information on the health and financial complications associated with smoking.

Impact of smoking: According to a recent survey, a regular smoker ends up spending almost £2000 or more every year. While we understand it as one of the side effects of smoking, technically it cannot be included in the list but it definitely is a major negative impact of smoking. The total amount you spend just for cigarettes can help you in difficult situations of financial crisis, add a different measure in your lifestyle and if you are family person this amount you may spend for ensuring a better future for yourself as well as your children. Moreover, if you start suffering from a major side effect of smoking, you are bound to spend more money, and there is no way to escape the worse problems that are about to come. Smoking is one of the prime reasons of premature death. With the right kind of treatment, you can get rid of the old habit of smoking.

Smoking cessation treatment: In this context it also needs mentioning that sheer willpower is not enough to give up smoking. Most people feel in this way but after some time of quitting smoking they end up resuming the habit. Now, there are many people who want to discontinue smoking keeping in mind various harmful side effects which may even cost their life. Due to this reason it is advised that you start a course of Champix, one of the most popular and effective prescription medication for smoking cessation. This prescription medication works by weakening the nicotine stimulants of your brain, without causing any imbalance of the chemicals already present. So, take Champix today and give up smoking for the well-being of your physical health as well as monthly budget.