Stop Smoking

How Do People Quit Smoking?

The impossible question has many answers. More important than finding out how to quit smoking forever will be figuring out which answer will actually work for you. People are all different, and their needs concerning quitting smoking methods will also change depending on personality, lifestyle, and their reasons for starting and wanting to quit smoking.

Methods That Don’t Work For Many Smokers

Before you decide how you will quit smoking forever, consider the ways that are the hardest. Cold turkey comes to mind, because it will involve the strongest withdrawal symptoms, both physically and psychologically. People who are going through nicotine withdrawal are cranky, sometimes have headaches, and can be desperate to smoke. The good news is that this only lasts for about three days, because nicotine leaves your system that quickly. The bad news is that smoking addictions aren’t all about nicotine.

Learning Why You Smoke

Do you smoke just because you have to to satiate your nicotine craving? Do you love smoking? Is inhaling warm smoke into your lungs comforting? Do you hate yourself because you can’t quit? Depending on the answers to these questions, different methods for how to quit smoking forever will work better or worse.

If you smoke because you love to take little breaks throughout the day, things like nicotine patches and nicotine gum will probably not work for you. Most smokers are actually more psychologically addicted to smoking than they are physically addicted. Getting a nicotine fix may not be enough. For people who believe they would be okay as long as they had an alternative, nicotine delivery systems may be just fine. The best of both worlds are electronic cigarettes, which deliver nicotine without the tar and chemicals, but still give you the sense of inhaling something warm and comforting into your lungs.

Then again, if you really want to get off nicotine altogether and beat your smoking addiction, you may need to take the slow and steady route. You can quit by slowly reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke every day. But you’ve got to make a plan or have a system in place. Consider finding ways to reward yourself for waiting longer and longer each morning before having your first cigarette of the day. Track your smoking carefully so you really know exactly how many you smoke each day, and then set goals for cutting back.

How to Quit Smoking Forever

Many quitting smoking methods work for people temporarily, but then they smoker finds it easy to slip back into the habit. Some people say that to really do it you’ve got to be serious and set up a plan and goals. Others say you need help from something like electronic cigarettes or nicotine patches. And some smokers say the best way to do it is to join an addiction group aimed at supporting the life change that you are making.

You know smoking is bad for you and you’re wondering how to quit smoking forever. Start by looking at yourself and what it is that makes smoking so attractive to you.