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Choosing your E Juice Nicotine Levels

Many stores offers a variety of nicotine strengths in e juice, with 0mg nicotine at the low end (completely nicotine free) all the way to 36mg nicotine at the high end. In the middle ranges, you can choose from 6mg, 12mg, and 24mg depending on how much nicotine you need or want for your personal vaping needs. Choosing the correct nicotine level will depend on how much of a smoker you were in the past.

What e juice nicotine levels do most stores offer?

  • Omg e juice nicotine level
  • 3mg e juice nicotine level
  • 6mg e juice nicotine level
  • 12mg e juice nicotine level
  • 24mg e juice nicotine level
  • 36mg e juice nicotine level

People who have smoked cigarettes in the past often turn to ecigs, vape pens and e juice to help them quit their habit but this is not studied to be 100% and proven to work. Vaping is far more pleasant than smoking cigarettes (personally speaking), and it does not leave an unpleasant smell the way cigarettes do. More importantly, though, you can customize your e juice nicotine level you get in each puff by choosing a different milligram nicotine level. E juice is offered in many different levels of nicotine so you can start big at 36mg level and work your way down to a 0mg nicotine level. The main questions is where do you start and how exactly do you choose your specific e juice nicotine level.

How do you choose the perfect E Juice Nicotine Level?

The best e juice nicotine level for you and the e juice you choose will depend on the amount you have smoke traditional cigarettes in the past and your long-term goals for quitting. If you are or were a heavy smoker, you may find that a lower concentration of nicotine does not give you quite enough nicotine, and you may want to choose the 24mg or 36mg option, but the typical nicotine e juice strength we see is 12mg nicotine. After vaping for a while, you can lower the concentration of nicotine as you wean yourself off the habit, or you may decide that you like having nicotine in your life as long as it does not come with all the other disadvantages of cigarettes in which case you may want to stick with a 3mg e juice nicotine level or a 6mg e juice nicotine level.

Packs of cigarettes vs e juice nicotine levels?

  • 2 Packs per day: 36mg E Juice Nicotine level
  • 1 Pack per day: 24mg E Juice Nicotine level
  • 1/2-1 Pack per day: 18mg E Juice Nicotine level
  • 1/2 Pack per day: 12mg E Juice Nicotine level
  • 5-10 Cigarettes Per Day: 6mg E Juice Nicotine level
  • 1-5 Cigarettes Per Day: 3mg E Juice Nicotine level

Judging by the information above, you can figure out your exact nicotine level by determining the amount of single cigarettes you smoke. If you smoke around 30-40 cigarettes a day you should start by vaping a 36mg e juice nicotine level, whereas if you smoke 5 cigarettes a day, you should start by vaping with a 6mg e juice nicotine level. A general rule of thumb in choosing your e juice nicotine level is that 1mg of nicotine is roughly equivalent to 5 cigarettes, so you can choose your nicotine level based on how many cigarettes you have been accustomed to smoking in the past. Of course, the nicotine in cigarettes is often lost due to burning at the tip of the cigarette, and there is far less waste with e juice used in vape pens and e cigarettes, so this is only a rough estimate.

Throat Hit E Juice Nicotine Level comparison

  • Nicotine Level Too High: Massive Burning Sensation in Throat
  • Nicotine Level Too Low: No Feeling in Throat
  • Prefect E Juice Nicotine Level: Perfect Warm Throat Hit

If you take a puff on your vape pen and you feel a burning sensation in your throat, you cough, or you start to feel dizzy or high, this indicates that your nicotine concentration is too high. If you are using your vape pen and find yourself still craving cigarettes, your e juice nicotine level concentration is probably too low. Fortunately, if you have bought e juice in a concentration that is wrong for you, it is easy to fix this: just buy another bottle of the same flavor with a different concentration, either high or lower depending on your need, and mix the two until you have the concentration that is right for you. There is no need to waste perfectly good e juice when you have such a wide range of nicotine concentrations available to choose from. If you are still not sure what nicotine concentration of e juice to choose, contact us today and we will help you decide what e juice nicotine level is right for you.