Stop Smoking

3 Steps to Helping Your Friend Quit Smoking

If you’re not a smoker, then congratulations — you’re avoiding a very bad and very expensive habit. However, chances are pretty good that you know quite a few smokers in your life, and not all of them really want to stay smokers. The truth of the matter is that once you’ve been a smoker for so long it can be really hard to actually do the things that you know that you need to do in order to quit.

Thankfully, you can help them start down the path to a smoke-free life, if they really want to do that. Now, you will have to make some concessions. If they really want to keep using nicotine, then you might need to go with patches instead of having them quit cold turkey.

Yet could there be a better way? Actually, there can. Let’s get on with those steps first.

First and foremost, you will want to sit down with your friend and explain to them that they you really do want to help. You want to make sure that they understand that your focus is on them, not just your hatred of smoking. If people feel like you’re judging them, then they aren’t going to be receptive to anything that you really have to say. It’s just better in the long run to focus on getting everything else in place — like their goals. You will want them to start dreaming about all of the things that they can have by moving towards a smoke free life. Let them write it down. In fact, if you can get them keeping a daily journal about how they feel about giving up smoking this can really help.

Now, the next step is that you will need to get them to either taper down, or quit completely. Tapering gives them the ability to keep smoking, but they smoke les sand less with time.

The final step is to track progress until they have a smoke free life. Yet it’s in this last step that we actually get the real secret that a lot of former smokers are turning to: electronic cigarettes. It’s really all about trying to get that type of result for yourself — you might think that it’s not necessary to turn to electronic cigarettes, but you’re not a smoker either. Smoking is a social pleasure as well as a physical need after the addiction sets in. Even if you break the physical addiction, people still want that feeling of smoking. That’s why it’s so pleasurable, and also so very hard to give up smoking.

Instead of shunning your friend, you might want to read up on electronic cigarettes yourself. You can get a non-nicotine version for yourself and a nicotine version for your friend. The vapor that comes from the e-cigarette helps give you the illusion that you’re smoking, while you’re not taking in all of those harmful chemicals. There is no smoke and no flame, which means that you can actually smoke indoors. If you live in an area that bans smoking indoors, then your friend will love the e-cigarette. Now they can come visit you and still feel like they’re smoking — while saving a lot of money in the process. As you might imagine, the e-cigarette is a lot less expensive because you get a lot more “uses” from the rechargeable cartridges than you would with a normal pack of cigarettes. Once you smoke them, they’re gone for good and you have to go right back to the store and get more — at a premium, of course.

Overall, it will take a while before your friend really embraces a smoke-free life. But if you support them through the entire process you can really get a lot done in a short amount of time for your friend — how cool is that?