3 Healthy Habits You Can Follow Daily to Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle

In today’s day and age, hustling has become more popular than ever before. Hustling refers to the act of immersing yourself in work to the point that you start placing it above everything else. Employers expect employees to go above and beyond each day, and individuals showcasing their hustle lifestyle on social media or good examples of how hustling has become an ingrained part of our culture. While there is nothing wrong with working hard and being successful, putting your health on the back burden is not a good idea. In the long term, this can lead to several health issues ultimately impacting your ability to work to the best of your ability.

If you’re an individual who feels that there’s no time to dedicate to health in your day-to-day routine, this article by Smoke Free Blog is here to help. Below, we’ll discuss a few easy-to-implement health strategies that you can start using today!

Consume Healthy Snacks 

Almost every item, from packaged snacks to pre-cooked meals that one finds in an office canteen or grocery store, is filled with preservatives and additives. While these foods are convenient, they lack low on the nutritional scale. Here are simple changes on your next visit to the store/canteen:

  • Avoid buying potato chips or a bag of candy. Instead, look for whole-grain snacks such as granola bars, whole wheat chips, trail mix, and similar items. These foods will not spike your sugar level and make you feel lethargic shortly after. Instead, they’ll provide consistent energy throughout the workday and not make you feel repeatedly hungry.
  • Rather than relying on energy drinks (that are full of sugar) for energy, buy fresh juices or a bottle of water. Staying hydrated will naturally increase attention levels.

The best way to avoid eating out each day is to prepare meals – i.e., cook food in batches, store them in microwave-friendly containers, making them ready for consumption anytime you want. Additionally, you’ll have complete control over what you eat. So no more preservatives, harmful additives, and high-sugar foods! For those new to meal prepping, here’s a great list of recipes to try.

Be Active Each Day 

Humans are not meant to live sedentary lifestyles. However, over the years, we have increasingly adopted a work lifestyle that involves sitting for prolonged periods daily. As reported by Medical News Today, a sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain, increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, makes muscles weak, and causes a host of additional problems.

Living an active lifestyle doesn’t require you to carve out an hour a day to visit the gym. Rather, it involves making conscious decisions to be active throughout the day, such as:

  • Walking/cycling to the train station rather than taking your car.
  • Using the stairs while in the office instead of the elevator.
  • Taking a brisk walk around your neighborhood daily.
  • Practicing full-body stretching exercises. These help to relax tense muscles, get the blood flowing to all parts of the body, and make your mind feel at ease.

Cut Back on Smoking 

Whether you’ve just started smoking or have been planning to quit for a while, the best time to do so is now. Quitting smoking is one of the best health decisions one can make for their mind and body. Not only will it prevent further damage to your lungs, but improve heart function and mental sharpness.

According to research by the CDC, here is a timeline of benefits one can expect from not smoking:

  • First Day: Eliminates all nicotine from your blood
  • First Month: Carbon monoxide levels in your body will be the same as a non-smoker
  • Month 1 – 12: Significant decrease in shortness of breath
  • 1 – 2 Years: Risk of heart attacks drops sharply

Additionally, smoking is known to cause at least twelve types of cancer, affecting various parts of the body, namely the liver, lungs, pancreas, bladder, stomach, and more. Making a commitment to not smoking will safeguard you from this risk as well.

Living a healthy lifestyle is easier than you think. The key is to integrate healthy choices in all activities in your daily routine, from walking to work, buying non-processed food, quitting smoking, and more.