Electronic Cigarettes

Choosing your E Juice Nicotine Levels

Many stores offers a variety of nicotine strengths in e juice, with 0mg nicotine at the low end (completely nicotine free) all the way to 36mg nicotine at the high end. In the middle ranges, you can choose from 6mg, 12mg, and 24mg depending on how much nicotine you need or want for your personal vaping needs. […]


Work-Life Balance: An Elusive Goal or Total Myth?

Everyone strives to find that perfect balance between work and home. It’s that sweet spot that leaves you feeling professionally accomplished and personally fulfilled, whether that means being home in time to cook a meal for your family or simply having the time to devote to personal pursuits that feed your soul. Many psychologists and […]

Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes and your car value

Buying a car is a very responsible step. It requires much money and knowledge. That is why so many people ask experienced mechanics for help. Usually thanks to them they do not have any problems to choose something that will be very useful for many years. However, it is very important to take care of […]

Electronic Cigarettes

Are E-Cigs As Good As They Say?

You may have noticed that more people are switching to electronic cigarettes in order to get their nicotine fix under the assumption that it is completely safe and they are not absorbing all of those nasty toxins commonly associated with tobacco cigarettes. This is certainly the point that is being put across by the companies […]

Stop Smoking

How Do People Quit Smoking?

The impossible question has many answers. More important than finding out how to quit smoking forever will be figuring out which answer will actually work for you. People are all different, and their needs concerning quitting smoking methods will also change depending on personality, lifestyle, and their reasons for starting and wanting to quit smoking. […]

Stop Smoking

The Psychological Side of Giving Up Nicotine

Some say that when it comes to nicotine, smoking, and your desire to quit smoking, the battlefield is going to be more mental than physical. Indeed, most that have tried to quit smoking say that once they got through the tiredness, irritability, and other issues involved with breaking the physical and chemical bonds to nicotine, […]