Work-Life Balance: An Elusive Goal or Total Myth?

Everyone strives to find that perfect balance between work and home. It’s that sweet spot that leaves you feeling professionally accomplished and personally fulfilled, whether that means being home in time to cook a meal for your family or simply having the time to devote to personal pursuits that feed your soul. Many psychologists and business professionals have weighed in on the matter, but opinions differ on whether it’s merely difficult to achieve or downright impossible. If you’re feeling a bit out of balance these days, here are a few tips to restore harmony.


Acceptance: Some Things Can Wait Until Tomorrow

The team at PBS NewsHour conducted an experiment, committing to fit into their days – somehow – the one thing they wish they had time to do every day for an entire week. What they found was that work-life balance isn’t static, and doing the things you think you want to do most might not bring you the satisfaction you’re longing for after all.

What’s the takeaway? First, your goals and interests may change, and that’s okay. And while you may not find time every day to engage in the activities you think you long to do, accepting that some things can wait until tomorrow might be the real key to feeling more balanced and avoiding the stress and burnout that may increase your risk of addiction.

Set Realistic Goals

People tend to underestimate the amount of time it will take to complete tasks, and they tend to overestimate the amount of time they have in a day. When you schedule more than you can realistically get done in a day, you find yourself working late and sacrificing the personal time that you would otherwise spend with your family, on hobbies you enjoy, or simply recharging.

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