3 Ways to Become an E-Cigarette Advocate to the Max

Have you joined the e-cigarette revolution? Chances are good that you have, and that’s definitely a good thing! If you really want to make sure that you have everything covered when it comes to enjoying the e-cigarette life, why not become an advocate?

If you go back to your first e-cigarette, you’ll probably find that it’s an experience that you really want to relive as much as possible. So what better way could you think of than being able to step back and say that you really enjoyed helping someone else experience that same pleasure? There’s no point in holding all the fun to yourself, you know!

So, how do you really become an advocate of e-cigarettes? There are really three steps that you’ll want to take, and those are great if you really want to make sure that you can get things done.

1. Show Examples!

If you’re just trying to talk your smoker friends into trying e-cigarettes, there’s really no better way to get them to see how effective and enjoyable it really is than to actually show them the equipment. You might want to demonstrate how to replace the cartridges and other tasks that will come in handy so that they know what to do.

2. Educate Business Owners

Business owners are going to be a critical point in expanding e-cigarette use. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a “smoke” with your meal without offending non-smokers? With e-cigs, you can make that happen. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners really don’t have the information they need to decide whether or not to allow e-cigarettes to be smoked there. Now, you might think that you don’t need permission, but you have to remember that a restaurant is actually private property, which means that the owner can ask you to leave if you aren’t going to play by their rules.

Yet if you can convince the business owner that e-cigarettes are great — no smoke and no ash, so no mess to clean up after — they might actually post signs indicating that e-cigarettes can be used there. That would increase the flow of their business, since e-cigarette users would want to smoke there rather than other places. Socialization is always a plus to life!

3. Run Your Own Fan Page

There’s nothing more powerful than the Internet when it comes to spreading the good news about something in a short period of time. If you really like the social side of being online, then you can definitely become a great advocate. All you really have to do is make sure that you reach out to people and let them know about e-cigarettes. You might think that people online really know what’s going on, but they don’t always.

You can create a Facebook fan page, which means that you don’t even have to run your own website. You can have a Twitter account where you talk about e-cigarettes, and you can even set up a forum. Of course, you can always join an established forum and lend your voice there, but you need to make sure that the topic is welcome and that you read the rules before just jumping in. Not every forum works the same, and you don’t want your new role as an advocate cut short because you went about things the wrong way.

A lot of people think that e-cigarettes are going to be just as bad as the regular version, and they avoid it. However, if you show that e-cigarettes are a great alternative, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t reach out and try it for themselves — which is the best way to see that you’re doing your job!

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The Impact Electronic Cigarettes Have On the Tobacco Industry

The popularity of electronic cigarettes has grown rapidly over the past few years. Originally marketed as a device to help smokers kick their habit, e-cigarettes are now widely used by avid smokers as a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. A recent survey that was performed by Wells Fargo bank showed that tobacco sales have significantly declined throughout the first quarter of 2013. Many experts believe that this fall in sales could be due to the increase of interest in the electronic cigarette market.

While there are several factors that could decrease the sale of tobacco products, such as the current state of the economy, the rise in tobacco cigarette prices and the increase of cigarette taxes, many people involved in the tobacco industry are convinced that the recent decline in sales is due to the growing interest in electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes were thought of as a novelty item up until a few years ago. Before they gained popularity, no serious smoker would ever dream of trading in their traditional cigarette for a rechargeable, electronic device. Many analysts predict that e-cigarettes will continue to grow in popularity and surpass traditional cigarette sales within the next ten years. While this may be considered a bold statement, since electronic cigarettes currently only make up around 1% of sales in the cigarette industry, many people believe that more smokers are interested in trying out this somewhat healthier option.

Electronic Cigarettes

One factor that has helped electronic cigarettes increase in sales over the past several months would be the industry’s marketing strategies. Top brands such as Blu and V2 cigarettes have many internet ads and television commercials featuring famous faces that have helped consumers identify with the products being sold. They also include special features that help them to stand out above the rest. If you are a smoker and would like to give electronic cigarettes a try, you should take the time to check out the customer reviews available online on some of the top e-cigarette brands. Reading feedback from other customers will help you figure out the pros and cons of electronic cigarettes and help you to determine which brand can provide you with the best value overall.

Electronic cigarettes were originally marketed to smokers who wanted to quit using tobacco products. They were to be used like a nicotine patch to allow the individual to slowly become less dependent on nicotine. However, today the electronic cigarette is used by those who continue to smoke on a daily basis and have no desire of quitting. E-cigarettes offer many benefits to smokers. They help them to save money over time since the cartridges can be recharged. They also allow a person to smoke without releasing smoke that could be harmful to others and they do not produce any type of offensive odor.

It may take some time before e-cigarettes outsell traditional tobacco products, but if you take a moment to find out more about the top selling brands, you will understand why so many people are making the switch.

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How to Avoid Gaining Weight When You Quit Smoking

It’s a common problem. Millions of people gain weight when they quit smoking and then find it hard to get it off.

Usually, it’s not a large amount, but enough to make you stand up and take notice, especially when you are struggling to fit into those jeans that once fit perfectly.

If you are worried about gaining an extra 10 pounds once you quit smoking, then you should follow the tips below to stop the dreaded weight gain in its tracks…

Suppress your appetite

When you quit smoking, expect to feel hungry all of the time as you look for something to fill the void that cigarettes used to give you.

In this situation, you could try willpower, but that doesn’t usually work out too well. Therefore, you need an appetite suppressant such as pure garcinia cambogia so you are not tempted to snack in between meals.

Avoid Gaining Weight When You Quit Smoking

Keep active

Let’s face it, when you quit smoking you are going to get cravings. When these cravings hit hard, it’s all to easy to grab a snack from the cupboard to occupy your mind.

Instead, it’s a much better idea to be as active as possible when you start craving a cigarette. This will take your mind off the situation, and you will also benefit from the added exercise.

Consider taking a walk through local park, going for a brisk job, or even visiting the local gym to do some exercises.

Choose healthy snacks

One good option to avoid gaining weight when you quit smoking is to always keep healthy snacks in the kitchen for when you feel hungry.

Things such as fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and energy bars that are low in calories, are all great choices, and should be enough to keep that hunger at bay until your next meal.

Try sugar-free gum

Another way to occupy your mind when you are craving a cigarette is to chew some sugar-free gum. This is a better option than the gum which is loaded with sugar, and it can also help you stay away from the candy cupboard when you are feeling hungry.


We hope that you have found the above tips helpful and informative. Make no mistake about it, quitting smoking and gaining weight is a big problem among millions of people who have recently kicked the habit.

That’s why you need to be as prepared as possible, so you don’t wake up in a couple of months time and realize that you are overweight.

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UK Government Changes Rules on Selling Tobacco

The UK government have decided to come in line with many other European countries and change the way that tobacco is sold. By next year, large retailers will only be allowed to store tobacco products under the counter so no one can see what brands are available or be tempted to buy them because of seeing them or their packaging. This is a move by the government to try to help people to quit.

The smoking rates in the UK tend to decline every decade but for the last decade they have remained the same. Therefore the government is trying this new technique to try to encourage people to quit or at least reduce the amount that they smoke. They are also discussing whether to just put plain packaging on tobacco products. This is something which is currently done in Australia but not in any other European country. It is seen as a very drastic measure and meant to emphasise the health warning on the packets.

The government has other systems in place as well to try to help people quit smoking with helplines and various medications and nicotine replacement products available on prescription. GP’s can give a lot of help for anyone wanting to give up. They also often increase the tax they charge on these products to try to stop people wanting to buy them. With all of these things in place but not reducing the amount of smokers, then these new measures are hoped to have a better effect.

Whether they work will remain to be seen. It seems that they have been successful in other countries, but that does not necessarily mean that they will work. Banning advertising was probably the best way to reduce smoking rates but the effect of this has now worn off. All smokers are aware of the health risks as well but this does not seem to put many of them off either. It will be interesting to see whether these new measures work or not, perhaps having it under the counter will make it seem rather more taboo and may put people off buying it.

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Quit Smoking

Many people try to quit smoking. In fact many people who are currently smoking would really like to give up. It can be a very difficult thing to do because it is an addiction. However, there are a lot of people who have successfully done it and they could have a lot of help to offer those that need it.

Something that could be worth trying is speaking to someone who has given up and find out what they did to help. There are many different things that you can try such as gum, patches, hypnosis or just will power. It can be worth going to visit your GP because they will be able to let you know what all of your choices are and you may even be able to get some help through them. It can be a good idea to think it all through and have a plan. Do you intend to stop entirely or slowly reduce how much you smoke? By what date do you want to have completely given up?

How will you reward yourself for achieving your goals? Writing down your goals and sticking them in a prominent place will remind you that you need to work hard and keep persevering. Remember the reasons why you want to quit every time you are tempted to not stick to your goals. Having a good support network can make a big difference as well and so if you have found someone to help you who has quit then then can be part of it. You also need all of your family and friends to be on your side as well. If they are not supportive then try to avoid them, especially when you feel really tempted to give in.

This could perhaps be harder than actually giving up in the first place. It will not be an easy thing to do and so you need to be prepared to face hard challenges and then when you get through them have a reward at hand so that you can really celebrate and praise yourself. Remember to always keep in mind the benefits of what you are doing and that will really help to motivate you all the time.

Maybe you should try addiction counseling if every single attempt you’ve made to quit smoking has failed.

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Will Today Be the Day You Commit to Stop Smoking?

It’s a good day to quit smoking, but you might feel like you can never quit smoking. If you’ve been practicing this habit for a long time, you might feel that it’s impossible to quit smoking. The chains of addiction can get pretty strong, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t break them. It’s just a matter of looking at real ways to quit smoking.

First and foremost, you might want to make sure that you bring your doctor into your plan to quit smoking. You don’t have to feel afraid of ashamed to do this. Your doctor should be more than happy to help you break those addictive bonds holding you down. The medical benefits of quitting smoking have already been proven time after time again: increased lung capacity, lower risk for heart disease, improved breath and improved fertility, just to name a few. If you need encouragement along the way to quit smoking, you can definitely find that. Our society is becoming more and more anti-smoking with each passing day, meaning that you aren’t going to have to really worry about whether or not someone is going to be there to encourage you to quit smoking. As more and more cities focus on the smoking problem, they are passing anti-smoking laws to keep people from smoking in public places that used to tolerate the practice.

Moving back to the subject of quitting smoking altogether, you will need to decide how to do it. A lot of people find that quitting cold turkey is actually the best way for them to go, but you might find that very difficult to actually pull off. Indeed, if you have been smoking for a long time quitting cold turkey can actually pose a pretty heavy shock to the body. It’s better to just step back and take things one step at a time.

Now, what is meant here that you will want to take things one day at a time by smoking a little less with each passing day. If you know that you are one of the people that really can’t stop smoking, you will want to make sure that you really cut down your intake. Over time, you will find that you’re smoking less and less.

Sometimes in order to quit smoking you have to get down to the root of the reason why you’re smoking in the first place. It can be something as simple as wanting to fit into a certain crowd, or it could be a need to relieve stress. If it’s stress-related, you will want to make sure that you identify what is stressing you out the most. For example, if it’s because you feel like you’re taking on a lot of different things on your own, you might need to either drop those obligations or try to find help with them. A lot of people in your life would be happy to help you — if only they knew that you needed help in the first place!

Overall, you can take the first steps to stop smoking — as long as you want to stop, that is. Take the tips in this guide to heart, and there’s no doubt in our minds that there will be a day where you are completely smoke-free!

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Nicotine Replacement

Many people use nicotine replacement products as a way of helping them to quit smoking. These can be an extremely valuable aid and have helped many people. In fact in the UK people have twice as much of a chance of being successful when giving up if they use this sort of thing. Most people should be able to safely use these products, but it is a good idea to see your doctor before you start to use them. They will give you a quick health check as if you are taking certain medications, have heart problems or are pregnant then you may not be able to use them. You may also be able to get the products on prescription which could save you a lot of money, than buying them over the counter or off the shelf.

There are many different types of nicotine replacements. You can chew gum which releases the nicotine and it is absorbed in through the mouth. You can wear patches which release the nicotine in to the skin. There are two types, one that you wear all of the time and one that you wear just in the day as many people do not need the nicotine at night and actually find that it keeps them awake. The patches come in different strengths and you can slowly reduce the strengths to help to wean your body off the nicotine. You can take lozenges or microtabs, which are like sweets and are an alternative for those people who do not like chewing gum. An inhalator looks like a plastic cigarette and releases nicotine vapour. There is also a nasal spray which releases the nicotine straight in to the sensitive lining of the nose.

There are also several pills that you can take. Zyban works by changing the way the body responds to nicotine. You take it a few weeks before you quit and then for a few months afterwards. Champix reduces cravings and is taken a few weeks before you stop and then for a further 10 weeks or so. Both pills are only available on prescription after a consultation with a doctor.

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