Choosing your E Juice Nicotine Levels

Many stores offers a variety of nicotine strengths in e juice, with 0mg nicotine at the low end (completely nicotine free) all the way to 36mg nicotine at the high end. In the middle ranges, you can choose from 6mg, 12mg, and 24mg depending on how much nicotine you need or want for your personal vaping needs. Choosing the correct nicotine level will depend on how much of a smoker you were in the past.

What e juice nicotine levels do most stores offer?

  • Omg e juice nicotine level
  • 3mg e juice nicotine level
  • 6mg e juice nicotine level
  • 12mg e juice nicotine level
  • 24mg e juice nicotine level
  • 36mg e juice nicotine level

People who have smoked cigarettes in the past often turn to ecigs, vape pens and e juice to help them quit their habit but this is not studied to be 100% and proven to work. Vaping is far more pleasant than smoking cigarettes (personally speaking), and it does not leave an unpleasant smell the way cigarettes do. More importantly, though, you can customize your e juice nicotine level you get in each puff by choosing a different milligram nicotine level. E juice is offered in many different levels of nicotine so you can start big at 36mg level and work your way down to a 0mg nicotine level. The main questions is where do you start and how exactly do you choose your specific e juice nicotine level.

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Work-Life Balance: An Elusive Goal or Total Myth?

Everyone strives to find that perfect balance between work and home. It’s that sweet spot that leaves you feeling professionally accomplished and personally fulfilled, whether that means being home in time to cook a meal for your family or simply having the time to devote to personal pursuits that feed your soul. Many psychologists and business professionals have weighed in on the matter, but opinions differ on whether it’s merely difficult to achieve or downright impossible. If you’re feeling a bit out of balance these days, here are a few tips to restore harmony.


Acceptance: Some Things Can Wait Until Tomorrow

The team at PBS NewsHour conducted an experiment, committing to fit into their days – somehow – the one thing they wish they had time to do every day for an entire week. What they found was that work-life balance isn’t static, and doing the things you think you want to do most might not bring you the satisfaction you’re longing for after all.

What’s the takeaway? First, your goals and interests may change, and that’s okay. And while you may not find time every day to engage in the activities you think you long to do, accepting that some things can wait until tomorrow might be the real key to feeling more balanced and avoiding the stress and burnout that may increase your risk of addiction.

Set Realistic Goals

People tend to underestimate the amount of time it will take to complete tasks, and they tend to overestimate the amount of time they have in a day. When you schedule more than you can realistically get done in a day, you find yourself working late and sacrificing the personal time that you would otherwise spend with your family, on hobbies you enjoy, or simply recharging.

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Electronic cigarettes and your car value

Buying a car is a very responsible step. It requires much money and knowledge. That is why so many people ask experienced mechanics for help. Usually thanks to them they do not have any problems to choose something that will be very useful for many years. However, it is very important to take care of a new car in the best way. Only thanks to that you can later sell your car and get your money back.

One of the worse things that may decrease the value of a car within a few days is smoking tobacco cigarettes in it. The smoke stays on the inner parts of your car and makes them look less attractive. Sometimes the ash causes many negative changes as well if you are not careful enough. Do you really want to risk and use tobacco cigarettes to make it more difficult to sell your car for a good price?

Electronic cigarettes in cars

Electronic cigarettes as a better option to preserve the value of your car

There is one very attractive solution to keep your car in a good condition without giving up smoking while being in it. How much do you know about electronic cigarettes? Have you ever thought of switching to them? Nowadays, they are known as a very good alternative to tobacco cigarettes as they do not leave a bad odor and they do not make your car interior grey.

While choosing their second-hand car, many people pay much attention to the lifestyle represented by its previous owner. If they see that he or she is a smoker who could have not resisted smoking tobacco cigarettes in a car, sometimes they are not interested in the particular offer. You can be sure that thanks to electronic cigarettes, which do not contain tobacco you will feel much better and your car will be kept in perfect condition.

Selling a car after checking its value

Before you decide to sell your car you need to know what value it represents. In order to do it, you have to pay attention to every detail. The interior part of your car plays a very important role as it guarantees better or worse driving conditions. If you have been smoking inside your car, you can be sure that it will not look as attractive as it used to look. Instead of that, you will notice that the ceiling is getting grey and there are pieces of ash everywhere. Make sure that you have cleaned your car perfectly before selling it as this is the only way to show that your vehicle still can look well.

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Are E-Cigs As Good As They Say?

You may have noticed that more people are switching to electronic cigarettes in order to get their nicotine fix under the assumption that it is completely safe and they are not absorbing all of those nasty toxins commonly associated with tobacco cigarettes.

This is certainly the point that is being put across by the companies themselves. The problem is electronic cigarettes have not been rigorously tested by the appropriate authorities to establish their long-term effects. The fact that they have not been tested is a worry especially with the market growing as fast as it is. Yes it may only account for a small percentage of smokers, but when you see that the major tobacco companies are also looking at producing their very own versions it does at least hint towards the longevity of the electronic cigarette industry.

The way in which these cigarettes work is that they allow smokers to inhale nicotine in the form of a vapor that is produced by a liquid that sits in a cartridge. This does mean that it still has this dangerous toxic chemical, which can cause major health issues if you take too much, but at least it is clean and pure unlike the stuff you find in normal cigarettes. The industry has also looked at ways to make it more appealing by producing different flavors from menthol to bubble gum, but even with this there are some issues.


The main concern with the flavors is that when you mix child-like tastes with fancy marketing it may make smoking appealing to a younger age group. The issue here is that they may then move from these safer e-cigarettes to the more harmful type tobacco cigarettes. As a result, parents are asking authorities to take the proper steps to prevent this from happening.

Now the Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, have two ways in which they can proceed. First, they need to challenge those companies that claim you can quit smoking by using their product and ask for evidence that this is the case as it is clearly misleading if they are misinforming users. Next, they should also look at banning those tasty flavors and reverting it back to the normal smoking tastes in order to deter children with the advertising to follow suit.

The FDA has been actively working on all of this since 2011, but it is now time for them to put these plans into motion rather than merely discussing what will happen. The market is expanding at an exponential rate and they must act now before they have an even bigger mess to try to sort out in the future.

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How Do People Quit Smoking?

The impossible question has many answers. More important than finding out how to quit smoking forever will be figuring out which answer will actually work for you. People are all different, and their needs concerning quitting smoking methods will also change depending on personality, lifestyle, and their reasons for starting and wanting to quit smoking.

Methods That Don’t Work For Many Smokers

Before you decide how you will quit smoking forever, consider the ways that are the hardest. Cold turkey comes to mind, because it will involve the strongest withdrawal symptoms, both physically and psychologically. People who are going through nicotine withdrawal are cranky, sometimes have headaches, and can be desperate to smoke. The good news is that this only lasts for about three days, because nicotine leaves your system that quickly. The bad news is that smoking addictions aren’t all about nicotine.

Learning Why You Smoke

Do you smoke just because you have to to satiate your nicotine craving? Do you love smoking? Is inhaling warm smoke into your lungs comforting? Do you hate yourself because you can’t quit? Depending on the answers to these questions, different methods for how to quit smoking forever will work better or worse.

If you smoke because you love to take little breaks throughout the day, things like nicotine patches and nicotine gum will probably not work for you. Most smokers are actually more psychologically addicted to smoking than they are physically addicted. Getting a nicotine fix may not be enough. For people who believe they would be okay as long as they had an alternative, nicotine delivery systems may be just fine. The best of both worlds are electronic cigarettes, which deliver nicotine without the tar and chemicals, but still give you the sense of inhaling something warm and comforting into your lungs.

Then again, if you really want to get off nicotine altogether and beat your smoking addiction, you may need to take the slow and steady route. You can quit by slowly reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke every day. But you’ve got to make a plan or have a system in place. Consider finding ways to reward yourself for waiting longer and longer each morning before having your first cigarette of the day. Track your smoking carefully so you really know exactly how many you smoke each day, and then set goals for cutting back.

How to Quit Smoking Forever

Many quitting smoking methods work for people temporarily, but then they smoker finds it easy to slip back into the habit. Some people say that to really do it you’ve got to be serious and set up a plan and goals. Others say you need help from something like electronic cigarettes or nicotine patches. And some smokers say the best way to do it is to join an addiction group aimed at supporting the life change that you are making.

You know smoking is bad for you and you’re wondering how to quit smoking forever. Start by looking at yourself and what it is that makes smoking so attractive to you.

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Quitting Smoking Takes Time Support, and Patience – Surround Yourself With All Three!

If you’re trying to actually stop smoking for the long run, then it’s going to take a lot more than just willpower. You will need to also think about all of the things that go into quitting for the long run. This means that you’re going to need to take a look at the support that you have in this new goal, as well as the pitfalls that often press you into smoking in the first place. You’re going to find that quitting smoking is a process that can take time and you have to be aware of the deck that’s stacked against you.

You see, nicotine is something that’s definitely designed to be addictive. It’s a drug that your body has developed a dependency to. When you don’t get nicotine, the body is going to go into a state of withdrawal. The only way to get rid of the habit is to break the addiction. This means that you’re going to have to deal with being tired, irritated, hungry, and miserable for a while. Some people estimate that the physical addiction to nicotine takes about 72 – 96 hours to fully break. The rest of it is the psychological side.

That’s when the support group has to come in. You have to feel like you’re surrounded by people that can’t imagine you failing. You have to be surrounded by people who you feel would be disappointed to find that you quit smoking yet started right back up.

This is not something that you can focus on for a little while and then stop doing it — that’s not the way quitting smoking works. You’re always going to have to fight the urge to smoke. There are people that stop smoking for ten years and go right back to it. This is something that usually happens because they’re in a situation where they feel compelled to smoke and feel that they have no choice.

Some people don’t even bother to quit because everyone in their family smokes, and they feel pressured to be part of the smoking party. Yet you need to break out of that. Just because your family is doing something that’s destructive to their bodies doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to follow suit. You can always opt to avoid the whole thing by just dealing with the family that’s willing to support you. It’s all a matter of how bad you want to quit smoking. If it means that you meet your smoking family in areas where you can’t smoke, then that’s what you’re going to have to do.

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The Psychological Side of Giving Up Nicotine

Some say that when it comes to nicotine, smoking, and your desire to quit smoking, the battlefield is going to be more mental than physical. Indeed, most that have tried to quit smoking say that once they got through the tiredness, irritability, and other issues involved with breaking the physical and chemical bonds to nicotine, they actually felt pretty good. It’s the social things that you’re going to need to worry about. It’s the mental battle that you’re going to feel.

If you’re a smoker, chances are good that you have friends and family that smoke. Smokers tend to move in groups, and you might not get the support that you need from the people that matter to you. It might be tempting to go ahead and give up, but that’s definitely not what you want to do at all. You always want to make sure that you have more going on than just the obvious pledge to quit smoking. How will you accomplish that?

The first step is to realize that you’re going to need a change in routine. If you go out with friends that smoke in areas that you can smoke in, you’re going to have to change that. You need to be positive and confident. You need to really see what smoking does to the body — look it up and ask yourself if you want those symptoms and problems to plague you forever. You need to realize that this is the right time in your life to make a change. Some people like to actually journal their thoughts as they go along. Maybe that’s the right thing to do, but you’re going to still need to figure out what’s going to work for you.

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Do Electronic Cigarettes Really Give People the Courage to Quit Smoking?

There are a lot of debates going on in anti-smoking circles, where people are trying to discuss ways to quit smoking for the smokers, and how nonsmokers can help out. However, when the topic comes to electronic cigarettes, it can seem like it’s an outright war. Nonsmokers feel that electronic cigarettes are just as bad as their nicotine traditional counterparts.

Do we agree? Well, it just depends. First and foremost, you’re going to have to realize that if you want to quit smoking for the long term, no tool can be off limits. If it helps you to actually dig in and use electronic cigarettes to help you get off the nicotine without replacing the mechanical feel of a cigarette in your mouth, then you’re going to want to naturally do that. The last thing that you really want to do is find yourself not using tools because you don’t think that they will work. It’s better to try every solution that you can think about before you just say whether or not something is going to work. It’s in your best interest to think about the things that will actually lead to stronger benefits, rather than just assuming there’s no way to help yourself out.

Life is full of choices, and it’s the choices that we make that really make all of the difference. The electronic cigarette movement is strong because a lot of people are realizing that you can get more done by following the electronic cigarette protocol than if you were to just assume that there’s no way out of the cycle of smoking. There is always a way out if you really think about it — why wouldn’t there be? Quitting smoking is quitting an addiction that robs you of your health and well being, and that’s not right at all.

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